From 2008, ISMA has produced its first graduate who earned the University Diploma of Technology in Audiovisual (DUT/AV) and the National Advanced Training Certificate (BTS) in the Careers of Audiovisual.

In 2009, ISMA has sent its first graduates with a Professional Bachelor (audiovisual Journalism, Television and Cinema Production). Almost all of those graduates have been hired by the Benin Broadcasting Corporation (ORTB) and are doing their jobs with great satisfaction. A few graduates were hired by other television channels such as Canal 3 Benin and LC2, AFRICA 24 just to name a few hired others. Regarding producers, they produce many movies that deserved awards during film festivals. For instance, the CLAP’IVOIRE Festival during which, at the 9th edition of 2009, three students from ISMA won seven (7) prizes out of the eleven (11) in competition, among which, the most prestigious KODJO EBOUCLE Prize.

During the 3rd edition of the festival “Cinema for all” that took place in 2010 in TIZNIT in Morocco, ISMA students won six (6) prizes out of the fourteen (14) in competition. During the 3rdedition of the festival “Cinema for all” that took place in 2011 in TIZNIT under the High Sponsorship of his Majesty King MOHAMED VI of Morocco, a student from ISMA won the 3rd prize in competition. Also, a student from ISMA has just won the first Fiction prize during the 2011 edition of the festival CLAP’IVOIRE that took place in Abidjan from November 29 to December 4, 2011.

Since 2007, ISMA students have been participating in FESPACO to learn from their elders’ experiences, which is a great asset for their future career. During the International Festival of the environmental film that took place in November 2010, a female student from ISMA was selected with special appreciation of the Jury.

In addition, seven (7) graduates from ISMA are currently working for AFRICA 24, namely in « News Room Africa 24 » of Cotonou while others are Africa 24 correspondents in their countries. It is worth mentioning that students from sixteen (16) countries are being trained at ISMA, some of whom have scholarships from their governments: Benin, Burkina-Faso, Cameroun, Centrafrique, Congo Brazzaville, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Gabon, Guinee Conakry, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Democratic republic of Congo, Senegal, Tchad, Togo. 

The relations of the Institute with the entities where ISMA graduates are employed are of good quality and those entities wish for the Institute to provide the continuing training of their staff for the retraining required for a smooth progress of a career in audiovisual, cinema, and television. That is what ISMA is doing since January 2012.



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