Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Mass Communication, Media & Film at ISMA

Our University Institute seeks to unleash your curiosity and help you perform at the highest level as future journalism, mass communication, media and film professionals. We will help you explore issues, find answers, investigate mysteries, inform the public, expose wrongdoings, record history, guide corporations in their Public Relations and Advertising undertakings, produce and sell your own video products, and much more.

At ISMA, we teach the skills you need to succeed, whether in a newsroom, a boardroom, a video production studio, or in a PR/Advertising outfit. You’ll learn to question the status quo, research important issues, write stories that change lives, make photographs that capture the human spirit, shoot and edit video that illuminates the world around us, design the best billboards that your target audiences can’t miss, and craft Advertising messages that stick to the consumer’s mind. And instead of sitting in a classroom all day long listening to endless lectures, you’ll learn these skills by actually doing them. The minimum requirements for our Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism, Mass Communication, Media and Film is 160 credits.

The Journalism program offers a solid curriculum designed to prepare students to leave the classroom and be ready to take their places in a newspaper or magazine’s newsroom, or a radio or television studio. The PR and Advertising curriculum, crowned by a solid three-month professional internship program, stands students in a top-notch professional stead.

In addition to the solid academic background students receive in the classroom, there is also practical experience acquired by working with media and PR/Advertising outfits. For your information, some of our courses include: Media and Culture, News Writing for the Media, Introduction to Video Production, Photojournalism, Mass Media Law, Ethics and Regulation, Fundamentals of Marketing, Public Relations & Advertising Techniques, etc.

For more information, find us on Facebook and Twitter, or call Program Consultant Karim Okanla on (229) 62 25 82 19



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