Who We Are:

ISMA, better known as ‘Institut Supérieur des Métiers de l’Audiovisuel’ has been offering quality education to hundreds of students in Republic of Benin since February 2006. The Institute is located in Fidjrosse, in the 12th district of Cotonou. Access is very easy, any taxi driver or moped rider will take you there. ISMA is fully dedicated to providing education to students who have a passion for Journalism, Mass Communication, the Media and Film/Video Production. ISMA is fully aware that communication media and video production, driven by cutting-edge technology, are increasingly playing an important role in the daily lives of billions of people around the world in this 21st century. That’s why run state-of-the art facilities that include a digital newsroom and photography lab, a digital audio bay, a digital video editing/advanced digital printing lab, a photography studio, post-production facilities, a conference room, a penthouse for film shows, and much more. Most of our lecture halls are fully air-conditioned, others are equipped with ceiling or standing fans.

For your information, ISMA is also partnering with universities and colleges around the world, that add value to the education and training that our students receive, in compliance with the highest international standards. Some of our partners include the US Department of State, Eagle Vision Institute, Apple, United Bank for Africa, Bank of Africa, and many more. ISMA fully complies with the regulations of CAMES. It is good to know that all degrees awarded by ISMA University are recognized and certified by both the Government of Benin and CAMES, a West African organization dedicated to high quality learning.

What We Do:

As stated above, ISMA provides training to students interested in completing their career in media and other media-related professions. ISMA offers training in Journalism, Television Management, Cinematography, Sound Mixing & Engineering, and much more. ISMA’s main objective is to help its graduates unleash and realize their full potential by the time they join a media organization or become self-employed. ISMA sets its activities within an international context, while recognizing the universal dimension of audiovisual professions. What is new at ISMA in this year 2016 is that the Institute is now accepting applications from prospective students hailing from English-peaking countries. A full curriculum has already been developed for international students coming from various countries around the world. Since its creation in February 2006, ISMA has been offering degrees in the following programs: Journalism, Film & TV Directing, Cinematography, Multimedia, Sound Mixing & Engineering, Editing & Post-Production, Production Management, Engineering of Media Equipment, VFX Design, Graphic Design, Photography, and Acting.


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